Question: how many landmarks to use

Great work on graphhopper 4.0 ! congrats !

In this (old) post from 2017 Now flexible routing is at least 15 times faster - GraphHopper Directions API it says that 16 landmarks is about 5GB memory worldwide. With 64 landmarks it speed up 36 times the routingtime.
In het graphhopper 4.0 it’s not possible to give more then 128 landmarks (com.graphhopper.routing.lm.LandmarkStorage$LandmarkExplorer.setSubnetworks): It has something to do with storage ? (question 1)
I am searching for a balance between number of landmarks and routingspeed for europe. Has somebody an suggestion ? (question 2)
The more active landmarks, the better (routing.lm.active_landmarks in config.yml) ? Howmany active landmarks should I pick ? (question 3).
Thx !

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