Public transport profile only shows "legs" of type "walk"

i recently setup Graphhopper with GTFS files for public transport. Now it’s up and running and i can use the “pt” profile for routing request as planned. The thing is for every request, no matter how far or if the two points are literally busstations, the suggested route is always for walking … i tried every request parameter i could find in the api doc here but i cant get it to work. It was set up with a osm file for whole europe and i have GTFS files for Germany only where i do the requests. (all three from this site)
Does anybody have an idea what the issue or cause for this problem could be? Any tips and ideas are well appreciated

the problem is solved. The GTFS data set is used was only valid for a week and every date after that he obviously walked. Doing the request in the given time span of a week it worked like a charm.


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