Public Transit missing some directions

Hello @michaz and @karussell!

(sorry for the spam btw! Graphhopper is awesome! It is helping us ship our public transit app for our university)

I am running into this problem and I am unsure of how to proceed. I am currently on 0.10.

I have directions missing I believe. I legs of a trip look like this.

  1. Board at bus stop (Schwartz Center)
  2. Debark bus (Ithaca Seneca)
  3. Board bus at different bus stop (board at Top’s supermarket)
  4. Arrive at destination

I am confused on the legs 2 and 3. Graphhopper is basically stating “get off at Ithaca Seneca station” and then “board at Top’s Supermarket” which is like a 35 minute walk away. There is no walking direction in between.

On leg 3. there is a flag for isInSameVehicleAsPrevious=true. I am unsure what this is referring to though. Is the bus from 2 and 3 the same?

Do you know what is going on?


Can I get the request please? Preferably the URL query string. I’ll gladly look at it then, I have your dataset now anyway. :slight_smile:


Here you go @michaz! Thank you so much for the quick and awesome support. Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

p.s (we just have it mapped to 8988 because we also use map matching which is on 8989)

When I look at the current master, those trips look like this:

walk - pt1 - pt2 - pt3 - walk

Where pt1 is Schwartz Performing Arts Center -> Ithaca Commons - Seneca St
pt2 is Ithaca Commons - Seneca St -> Tops Supermarket (Ithaca)
pt3 is Tops Supermarket (Ithaca) -> Walmart

where pt2 and pt3 have the isInSameVehicleAsPrevious=true flag.

Looks good to me…

This agency seems to like that flag a lot… :slight_smile:

I’m looking at the ‘legs’ field in the JSON, by the way. The overall ‘instructions’ are more for compatibility with the rest of the API – but also those look reasonable to me here.

EDIT: Check followup
Ah @michaz! I was using 0.10 but recently switched to the master copy (because you fixed the NPE). It looks like there mustve been a bug in 0.10, but in 0.11 everything seems to be working!

Thank you for your continued support. We are submitting our app to the App Store today. Without you guys I don’t think it would’ve been possible.

Appreciate the support.



Actually @michaz ,

I think I jumped the gun. I just checked the route I sent again.

Here is 1 of the paths returned. You can see it goes
pt1 -> pt2
but pt1 makes you get off at Ithaca Commons - Seneca St
and pt2 starts at Tops Supermarket
There is no Ithaca Commons -Seneca St. -> Tops Supermarket

This is where I am getting confused.

Ah, got it, thanks. Let’s see…

Found the problem, should be straight-forward to fix, hold on. This was very helpful, thanks.

I think I got it. Could you please confirm whenever convenient?