Problem with rebuilding modified code

I apologize in advance for probably a stupid question, but I am struggling to grasp control over the project.
My problem is: I want to change part of the code, but it seems it is not reflected in the operations of the server.

I have followed the instructions at
$ git clone git://
$ cd graphhopper; git checkout master
$ ./ web europe_germany_berlin.pbf
now go to http://localhost:8989/
It works. :slight_smile:

Then I have opened the code in Eclipse, imported it as a Maven project, and modified some code. But when I run again
$ ./ web europe_germany_berlin.pbf
my changes of the code are not taken into account.

What do I need to do to make it work properly?
If I try to build the project in Eclipse, this operation is not enabled.

I am working in Windows, and probably haven’t installed one of the components right…

Any suggestion and help is appreciated.

You need to run ./ clean. I highly recommend to setup your IDE so you don’t need to use for development.


I would love to avoid it, if I only knew how… :slight_smile:

I rebuild it with
$ ./ web europe_germany_berlin.pbf
and eventually it works, but I have to try several times, because MojoFailureException is reported on different subprojects…
It seems I should correct a few things, just not sure which ones…