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Problem with barrier wall


I have a problem here. You can Help me but there is a wall in middle of the road and linear barrier without entrance or gate.

What is the best solution? The road as same name in two parts


Could you can add barrier=wall there?


barrier wall exist in OSM. Previous message content a routing exemple. I Think the problem can exist with barrier=bollard drawing as line.

The road is split in 2 polylines with a topological point connection with wall polyline.

I think this is not considered in graph.

This is a normal case?


in osm graphopper routing the result is


Did you edit it recently? It can take currently 1 week to update this on our side (we are working towards a 1-2 days update cycle but not yet ready again)


a contributor have add barrier on a point but i don’t think this is a good practice. So I do a revert.


Why? Having this on a node is completely fine!


barrier wall

Only a line or closed line is accepted for this and for others cases if there is a line you can create a same element point on it.


Ah, indeed. You are right. Problem is that we do not support barrier ways yet. How frequent are they?


I do not know but there are ten cases in France. For bollard that uprise because some mapper want best represtentation and edit bollard as linear so that have an impact on routing in center of agglomeration (pedestrian zone)

there is 10 967 entries for barrier bollard in taginfo as ways
for all cases I don’t calculate the number of intersection with road. I thnk a good practice for mapping is add a topological intersection. I will create an overpass query to check that


This is the overpass query

There is more than:

  • 50 cases on Montpellier (France)
  • 100 cases on Toulouse (France)
  • 1000 cases in Paris region (France)

but this query need to be fix because for area highway wall can be tuch same way. So there is false positive


Can you add on a graph a simulate barrier on intersection point if this road intersection have not a barrier key?

I think you need ignore intersection case if the highway is an area.


Barriers on intersections are not allowed (at least in theory :wink: )

… Do not place a barrier tag on a junction between highways.