Problem finding details for unassigned services

Hi all,

I am trying to find out, why some of my services are unassigned. I found this blog entry New Feature: Reason for unassigned services/shipments
which states, that the reason for unassignment is contained in “Details” of the unassigned object. But I cannot find this. I try to use version 0.10.0. The “Solution” contains a “SolutionUnassigned” which only provides arrays of ids of unassigned services and shipments but no details. What am I doing wrong?


I try to use version 0.10.0

What do you refer to here? One of our clients?

yes, the java client

Ok. Thanks. We will check and update the client if necessary. I ll let you know.

Thanks, that would be nice, because otherwise I have no idea, what I am doing wrong.
I also cannot find or use other things, for example the fields max_jobs and max_activities from vehicle. I have included this dependency in my pom.xml:
is that correct? or does this version not contain the things I’ve referred to?

Thanks in advance