Prevent loading for locations other that what it is already loaded for

Hey everyone,

I am trying to implement a hard constraint for a VRP using shipments. See example below:

Name From To
Package1 Location1 Location2
Package2 Location1 Location3
Package3 Location1 Location4
Package4 Location1 Location5
Package5 Location1 Location6
Package6 Location2 Location1
Package7 Location2 Location3
Package8 Location2 Location4
Package8 Location2 Location5

If a vehicles starts at Location1 and loads for Location2, Location3 and Location4, when it stops to unload at Location2, it should load for only Location3/Location4 but not for Location5. This is to reduce the multiple loadings and unloadings of vehicles at any delivery location.

@stefan @jie31best @Balage1551

Hi all,

Can you help me on the above constraint? Can I implement this using HardActivityConstraint or need to use RuinListener?