Present json route on map

I’m using Directions API and Low level API.
The question is how can I present the result on the map? I mean founded route presented by json. For a map engine I’m using
Or, maybe there are any other solutions?

What do you mean with low level API?

There is the JavaScipt client for the GraphHopper Directions API

I’m trying to implement my own search algorithm so I’m using low level API.

PS: I have one more question. If I need a graph where every node is an object which contains his own geographic coordinates, list of nearest nodes and distances to this nodes can I get it with low level API?

I do not fully understand your question. Every node has a lat&lon get it via nodeAccess and get the neighboring nodes via an EdgeExplorer or if a distance limit via BFS search

It’s OK for the beginning. I will try.
Are any solutions to present the result rouse on map?

Yes, again: see the JS client and the JS example for the Directions API

(or the web module aka graphhopper maps: )