Post Process of route optimization data

My question is concerning the data returned by the API request “POST route optimization problem”. I would like to postprocess these. It can return the geocoordinates points between the different stops of the optimized route, but I can not find anywhere informations about the timestep between these points. I firstly assumed that it was constant (driving_time/number of geocoordinates points) but it does not lead to relevant vehicle speed. Can anyone point me out ressource about it ?
Furthermore, I noticed that the GET route endpoint can return elevation data. Is it possible to get this information in route optimization ? Or should I perform a two step request: first doing a route optimization and pass the resulting points to the route endpoint API ?
thanks for reading

You can get the time for the intermediate points by using the time path detail with the /route endpoint. And yes, I think you also need to use the /route endpoint to get the elevation data.