PointNotFound for valid location

Hi :wave:

We’re having trouble with one location which we think should be valid (VRP).

We’re getting this response:

    "message": "Cannot retrieve costs from matrix service",
    "hints": [
        "message": "Cannot find the following locations:  delivery location (lon: 150.8533052, lat: -34.636831) of shipment '3259726'",
        "details": "PointNotFound"
        "message": "Connection between locations not found: [ start location (lon: 148.2076599, lat: -35.2963498) of vehicle '2251'], [ delivery location (lon: 150.8533052, lat: -34.636831) of shipment '3259726']",
        "details": "ConnectionNotFound"
    "status": "finished"

The location looks to be valid and close to a road. Please see here.

We get the error with both Tomtom data and OSM.

If we’re doing something wrong, please let me know. This is currently holding up a route planned for tomorrow, so if there is anything that can be done to solve it soon, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Can you send the entire request or the job_id to support@?

Thanks, I’ve emailed it through to support@ now :+1:

Not sure yet, why TomTom does not work, but if you switch to

"network_data_provider": "openstreetmap"

it should be able to solve the problem. Can you confirm this?

We will now analyse why it can’t find the location in our TomTom network.

Thanks. You’re right that it does work with OSM data. I’m not sure how I managed to mistake this before. This should get us through tomorrow, but it would be great to hear if the TomTom issue can be fixed. Cheers :+1: