Plot multiple Routes [closed]

There is a nice example, how one can plot multiple Routes (e.g. A->B, C->D, …) using Google Maps API. The code is simple and straightforward (from here):

for k in range(vehicle_count):
for i in range(customer_count):
for j in range(customer_count):
if i != j and pulp.value(x[i][j][k]) == 1:
mode='car',stroke_color=color_list[k],stroke_opacity=1.0, stroke_weight=5.0))
for i in range(len(layer)):

The results are the plotted routes:

Screenshot 2021-07-06 104514

Therefore, my question: Are there similar simple ways in Graphhopper for plotting multiple Trips (A->B, C->D, …)?

For JavaScript you can utilize our library.

See here for the demo: JavaScript examples for the GraphHopper Directions API

Thanks for the fast reply! (Should I close the topic?)

Sure, you can close the topic if this solved your issue :slight_smile:

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