Planning 0.7 release

I intend to do a new release in the next weeks. As for the last releases I’ll do a release candidate before.

See the open issues here, the closed here and the changelog. Please check your issues.

Also please have a look into a new map matching pull request which improves quality a lot. Potentially we get this in 0.7 or optionally or at least more testing feedback.

The biggest changes for GH core are:

  • Java 7 / 8
  • internal refactoring introducing RoutingTemplates making the integration of the round trip calculation easier
  • internal refactoring introducing CHAlgoFactoryDecorator making integration of new speed up algorithms easier
  • full flexible routing support (via ch.enable=false) even if CH routing is enabled at import time.
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The first release candidate is available for download now, due to a deployment issue it is already named 0.7.0-RC2. See all the artifacts at maven

Update: see release topic