Pedestrians not routed through oneway full-height_turnstile

I have mapped a full-height turnstile that allows passing only in one direction (and only for pedestrians), according to
However, GraphHopper does not find the route through that (exit) turnstile, but takes the detour through the main entrance.
Is this a GraphHopeer bug or should I map this in a different way?

Is there a reliable way to declare a path to be oneway for pedestrians?

barriers are blocked unless you specify e.g. access=motor_vehicle.

Furthermore we have deactivated updates since yesterday since we try to migrate a better update pipeline.

So i should add access=foot, correct?

If they are always allowed and you have local knowledge - yes :slight_smile:

Please note, that the migration introduced some problems and so it might not be updated as usual after ~2 days.

Ok, have tried that (I do have local knowledge). Let’s see.

It still does not work. Was the graph updated in the meantime? Can I see anywhere how recent the data is that the GraphHopper instance bases on?

As I said we had some problems with our updates. Can you try again? If you create a route on GH maps you can click on the “+” in the instructions and you’ll see which version for the data we are using.

It still does not work
despite Marc_ch having added a changeset to improve the situation. According to the shown date, the changeset should be in the routing data.

This barrier seems to be mapped on a way - we do not consider barrier tags on ways, I think.

In the changeset Marc_ch said there were disconnected ways and this was then fixed, I assume that if we wait a bit for the next update this will be fixed. The problem with the date is that we currently show only one date (for motor vehicles) although there are several servers with other profiles that have a different update cycle (that we do not show in the UI yet) and also might need a bit longer to update.

Okay, now pedestrians are routed through the turnstile. However, the short route is taken in both directions, while it should be taken only out of the zoo. So oneway=yes on the turnstile path is ignored. Would foot:forward=yes instead of foot=yes help?

Currently directional attributes for pedestrian are ignored I fear. Still we should support this, please create an issue here: and link to this discussion.

And oneway=yes will stay ignored for pedestrians? Well, makes sense probably.

For turn stile and maybe other barriers the oneway tags makes sense and we should probably support this.