Path not routable - can't see why


Someone has reported to us a path that doesn’t seem to be routable for some reason and we can’t work out why. We’ve had a look on the OpenStreetMap editor and it appears to have foot access. Any ideas? The path is called Allison Cemetery Trail. The following link shows the problem:

It is not connected to the road network, neither at the parking lot, nor at the point where it crosses the street.

I just fixed this.

@easbar out of curiosity, what tool(s) do you use to discover this and generate this image?

On GraphHopper Maps | Route Planner you can right click the map and choose ‘Query OSM’ which takes you to this part of the map on Provided you have an account there you can switch to the edit view which opens iD where you can see the single road features in detail.

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Thanks for help with this and the fix.

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