OSM tagging for barriers and highways crossing

Suppose I have a way that represents a kerb (barrier=kerb), and I have a footpath (highway=footway) crossing over that kerb, with a node at the intersection that is part of both the footway and the kerb (way), so I need to tag that node with barrier=kerb (repeating the the tag from the way which causes a warning in JOSM), or will Graphhopper correctly identify that the node (no tags, but part of the way that’s tagged with barrier=kerb) represents a point along the footpath where it is crossing a kerb?

Similar for a gate, if I have a highway crossing a fence, and map the intersection node as barrier=fence, that’s clear.

But what if I map the gate itself as a way instead of a single node (described as an option on the OSM wiki and has been done about 50k times worldwide):

XffffffXgggggXgggggXffffffX (X= node, f=way tagged as barrier=fence, g=way tagged as barrier=gate, the node in the middle of the g way is also part of the footway going through the gate)

Do I have to tag that intersection node again with barrier=gate, or will Graphhopper correctly identify that (untagged) node as being a gate that the footway passes through?

Without further testing this, I assume this works, GraphHopper can recognize line barriers. Have you tried it? BTW: AFAIK GraphHopper is currently not using kerb as a barrier.

Here is one barrier example that GraphHopper handles correctly.