*.osm-gh file unacceptable to Locus Map

I am attempting to create a *.osm-gh file that is acceptable to Locus Map using GraphHopper Quickstart instructions. I understand the latest GraphHopper Add-on created for Locus Map use by Menion requires routing data made from GraphHopper 0.5.0. I downloaded graphhopper-web-0.5.0-bin.zip from https://oss.sonatype.org/content/groups/public/com/graphhopper/graphhopper-web/0.5.0/ and ran the command that is in Quickstart at
https://github.com/graphhopper/graphhopper/blob/master/docs/web/quickstart.md using a *.osm.pbf file from http://download.geofabrik.de/europe.html. The operation completed as it should with the final statement, “Started server at HTTP 8989” and a *.osm-gh folder with its content was created. I placed the folder in Locus>mapsVector and selected it in Locus Map - add-on GraphHopper. I opened Locus Map and tapped the ‘Navigate’ tab but received the message, “Unfortunately, Locus Pro has stopped” after the ‘SELECT LOCATION’ box appeared very briefly.
I note some files are different and file sizes of what I created here are significantly smaller compared with the similar ‘england.osm-gh’ I downloaded from Menion’s Google Drive site. I witnessed the same result using the previous 0.4.1 version. I understand you might consider this a Locus Map issue. I pose the question, however, in case anything in what I have done suggests to you something that might be causing the *.osm-gh file to be rejected.

Hmmh, verify the GraphHopper version that the Locus Add-on requires. Maybe 0.4.0? What do the logs say?

Maybe also something related to prepare.chWeighting=no vs. prepare.chWeighting=fastest? The config on Android has to be the same as you did the import. You should follow the instructions (if there are some) from Menion for that :slight_smile: