OSM additional data


I would like to get additional information like parking lanes, restrictions or anything else direct from GraphHopper.
Parking is stored within the OSM data, so how can I read them.
Peter shows me the Mapping Interface, but in this case I need to create an own index of the map data.

So on a general question which data is stored by GraphHopper except edge length and edge speed?

We only store name, guessed average speed (sometimes from road type sometimes from maxspeed) and length so you would’ve to build this on your own. Or wait a bit until we’ve made progress with the flexibility work where a lot more data will be stored in GH. BTW: Turn restrictions are already stored but only if you enable them for none-CH case.

Okay thanks, I working with the EdgeIteratorState at the moment and can be added a more flexible interface? Something like

GraphHopper x = new GraphHopper();
x.registerEdgeInformation( "myinfo", new myExternelInformation() ) 

x.getEdgeInformation(1234, "myinfo").beep();

So I would like to pass an own object which is called on the getEdgeInformation and passes data back. So it would be nice on importing OSM data that I can can add a listing component, which is be called if GraphHopper import processes an edge to get all information


you can easily do this already at the moment: just create an array with a size with as many edges as there are in the graph. But also working with external information will be improved (but probably separately to the flexibility work)