Optimization API :Cannot find the following locations

Hi every body,
I’ve got this message :

  "message": "Bad Request",
  "hints": [
  "message": "Cannot find the following locations:  service location (lon: 166.85323, lat: -22.27713) of service '44'",
  "details": "class com.graphhopper.util.exceptions.DetailedIllegalArgumentException"

The point is near a road in OSM… the route api is working…

Here is the point (I can’t upload file) :

         "id": "44",
      "address": {
         "location_id": "location44",
         "lon": 166.85323,
         "lat": -22.27713
      "size": [1]

Any idea ?

Hi, obviously it can find a route with profile “car”. Thus, it seems there are osm tags that prohibit “small_truck”. We are going to analyse it further and let you know our results.

The problem is this bridge which makes it impossible to reach this area and so we remove it from our road network (if it would create a too small island).

Do you think this is incorrect?

Thank you for your answer.
This bridge can be used by a car or a small truck but not by a bus or a truck more than 3,5T. There is a bypass in the north of the bridge.
But the point is on the road between a big nickel usine and the capital and his port. So trucks can go at this point : from the point, go on west, take the first road on the north (RM10). At the lake, go on west (RP3) to RP1…

Ah & oh. I think the problem is the maxheight tagging. Which in this case here means the height of the bridge and not the height of the tunnel which is faulty tagging. But we should not consider this as restriction.

The bridge workaround is implemented and will be available on Monday (or so)

There is a bypass in the north of the bridge

So you mean bigger trucks should be able to reach the location despite the blocked bridge? Can you point me to this bypass with the car route and via points on GH Maps or is it just this route?

For this route there is a blocking barrier and here is a ford (or wrongly mapped?)

Sorry for my response time…
Yes, this route is quite good but the real road is in red :

I will have a look in 2 week for the bridge and the barrier…

thank you

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