One to One Map Matching

Hi. I’m working in an Android Java app that needs to snap to road the car GPS points recorded one to one. I need a one to one mapping in order to keep the speed of each point and check it against the maxspeed of the road.

My code is as follows:

        Profile profile=new Profile("car");
        profile.getHints().putObject("profile", "car");

        mapMatching=new MapMatching(MapHandler.getMapHandler().getHopper(),profile.getHints());

        //List of points to paint the route
        PointList list= matchResult.getEdgeMatches().get(0).getEdgeState().fetchWayGeometry(FetchMode.ALL);

But when I call it with a list of 11 observations, the result in matchResult (and also in list) only has 2 snapped points.
How can I obtain a list of 11 snapped points, corresponding to the 11 observations?
Thanks for any hint,