Older News from dashboard, 2014 to July 2015

July 2015

  • Statistics about usage integrated in the dashboard
  • A new route editor makes it easy to integrate the route optimization api


  • Standard and Enterprise packages contain more daily credits for the same price
  • Introduced the new batch Matrix API as well as ability to do POST requests, useful for large requests




  • Introduced a new ‘basic’ package. And Matrix requests are now less expensive.
  • Officially released GraphHopper Directions API as well as GraphHopper 0.4


  • Major update to the geocoding, including typing error tolerance
  • Official Java and JavaScript clients for Routing and Matrix API
  • The official OpenStreetMap website is now using our Directions API for foot & bike routes.


  • Make API public accessible without the need of an invitation email.
  • All packages are now paid monthly, no differences for ‘Trust’-packages.
  • Instead of the term ‘request’ we use ‘credits’ in order to avoid confusion for the Matrix API which costs multiple credits per one request. See Overview for more information.
  • Via-points in the Routing API can now have higher limits up on request. One request with N points will cost 1 credit per 10 points.

November 2014

September 2014

  • Due to the API-Dashboard the Directions API is easier to use.

March 2014

  • Initial version of the Directions API including the Routing and Geocoding API for world wide usage.