Not using Ferry Route

This week while demonstrating adding ferry routes and how to find routing errors using OSM’s built in use of the graphhopper router I discovered an unroutable ferry route. I can not find any errors looking at the ways that would prevent Graphhopper from using the Ferry route.

URL of route that fails:

URL of route that succeeds:

It appears the intersection on the pier is where the router has a problem. I suspected a turn restriction error, but the intersection has no turn restrictions.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Clifford,

thanks for the report.

The reason is this road that is marked as access=private.

I have seen that a gate and some roads are marked with access=private, which looks wrong to me, but I think this is unrelated to this issue, see the gate and the road leading to the gate.



I would like to ask help about Ferry Route also.
Ferry route from Virtsu to Kuivastu fails and Graphopper finds route through another island.
But route Kuivastu to Virtsu works.

I tried to change openstreemap data 6 days ago, but changes is not yet in graphhopper or I did something wrong?

Ideally I would like, that Graphopper Truck and Small truck types can use ferrys, but I am not sure how to get this working and when my changes to Openstreetmap enables this.
For example from openstreetmap

Engine osrm_car works both ways.

Thank you for a help

The problem seems to be some lift_gate nodes, here is one: It has an unknown customer access tag. If you have local knowledge you can allow access for motor vehicles (motor_vehicle:yes and/or hgv:yes) and should make it working.

Thank you for a help.
I made changes and hope to get it working.