Not reachable by car island road networks


We have found a town where it is not possible to navigate by car anywhere in the town, but it is possible to navigate by foot. The town is very remote and doesn’t have any roads going in or out of town.

The problem is that we have to remove smaller “islands” (= decoupled road networks, we call them subnetworks).

Sometimes a private or military area is completely routeable “inside” but cannot be reached from outside and to reduce “connection not found” problems we make them inaccessible (if they are small). This way we force that the location snapping will be done outside of these areas and a route can be found.

There is a different threshold for motor and outdoor vehicle profiles which leads to the difference you observer for car and foot. I.e. if the city (or the surroundings) would have more junction mapped (currently the limit is 800) we would include it at a certain point.

I hope this makes it clear why it is not possible to find the route for car in this specific (and small) isolated road network.

Thank you, makes sense! I thought it might be something like that, but didn’t realise there were different thresholds for the vehicle types.

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Thanks for reporting this. Visiting Kuujjuaq on a digital map already felt a bit like an adventure :slight_smile: In theory we could use a lower threshold for remote areas like this?