Newly added roads in custom OSM files not found or routable in Graphhopper

Hi, first of all, thank you for this amazing tool.

I have set up a local tile server and also a local instance of the OSM website (aka. Rails Port) to be able to add custom locations, ways, etc through iD editor for our own project/personal use.

I have added a few roads inside this location (Tanjong Pagar Port Terminal) and even connected them to the main highway (to make sure it’s connected with the main roads network). After edits, exported the .osm file, verified that new locations/roads are added and then started Graphhopper server with the following command:

java -Dgraphhopper.datareader.file=<my-newly-exported>.osm -jar *.jar server config-example.yml

Some sample roads I added are ST_1_Tanjong_Pagar, ST_2_Tanjong_Pagar, ST_3_Tanjong_Pagar, ST_4_Tanjong_Pagar.

After the server starts successfully, and when I input any of the above locations in the search boxes I get the following error in red, but I can see them in the .osm file I have used while starting Graphhopper server.

No area description found

Please note that my original OSM file was for a small area in Singapore and it isn’t too big.

I would really appreciate your help in this regard to let me know what am I missing.

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