New release 0.10.0 of routing engine

There is a first alpha release 0.10.alpha6 available at maven.

There are still some bugs that needs to be fixed before the release but it should be already good for a first test. We have lots of stuff in there - over 60 PRs:

  • path details with several follow up PRs
  • elevation data also for northern Europe, multi elevation data possibility and elevation smoothing
  • partly we can now support real time data for public transit
  • an important UI bug fix
  • incredible speed up of CH
  • refactoring of CH handling
  • updated java client
  • update VTM version for Android demo
  • new release management: just a git tag and it will release to maven central, so expect more than 1 in 2018 :wink:
  • build with checkstyle, findbugs and policeman tool
  • did I forget something important :slight_smile: ?
  • many other bug fixes and improvements …

Thanks a lot to all contributors!


Have released 0.10.0 along with the map matching component and Java directions api clients.

Read here the announcement.

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