New feature: not_in_same_route relation

You can now also specify


to ensure that 2 or more orders are not transported by the same vehicle.

This relation extends our powerful relation toolbox. You can now define "in_same_route", "not_in_same_route", "in_sequence", "in_direct_sequence" and "neighbor" (as described in our docs).

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Hello stefan,

We have multi stop shipments that unfortunately don’t have just one pickup and one delivery but framed as two pickups and then seven deliveries for example. Given this problem, we need to model these as related services rather than shipments. Is there a way we can call the route optimization API so that it unassigns ALL related services when it cannot do a single one of them? Right now it unassigns just one or two when the constraints are exceeded.

Hey @CC_RouteOptimizer can you create a new topic for this question? This topic should be about the new feature only.