New Feature: Minimum number of jobs

We are happy to announce a long awaited feature. You can now give your drivers a minimum number of orders.
You can specify this as follows:

      "vehicle_id": "my_vehicle_1",
      "start_address": {
        "location_id": "berlin",
        "lon": 13.406,
        "lat": 52.537
      "min_jobs": 2

Even if, for example, your objective function is to minimize the “completion_time”, you can now do this under the secondary condition that drivers perform a minimum number of jobs. Here you can find a complete example (here is another bigger example with min and max_jobs constraint).

Please note that unlike “max_jobs”, “min_jobs” is a soft constraint, i.e. if it is not possible to fulfill “min_jobs”, we will still try to get as close as possible to this constraint.

Happy optimizing!