New Feature: Completion time of last stop

We now have a new objective function. With min: completion_time_last_stop you can now minimize the completion time of the orders in the vehicle. The difference between min: completion_time can be formulated as follows: completion_time leads to a tour so that the driver is finished and back home (end_location) as quickly as possible. completion_time_last_stop results in a tour so that the driver is finished with the last order/the last stop in his tour as quickly as possible.

Here is an example:




Although the whole tour takes a little longer (15:49 vs. 15:31), the driver finishes earlier at the last stop (15:04 vs. 15:14)) and - very often important for the beauty and acceptance of the routes - the orders are usually processed on the outward journey from the start to the last stop (often corresponding to the stop furthest from the start).

Here is the example. If you want to play around with it, just copy it into our API explorer.