New Feature: Activities and jobs without fixed pre-assigned location

We are happy to announce a new feature for our Optimization API. You can now schedule activities and jobs without a fixed pre-assigned location. For example, any number of driver breaks or phone calls can now be scheduled.
This can be modelled quite easily as follows:

      "id": "break",
      "name": "driver break",
      "duration": 3600,
      "time_windows": [
          "earliest": 54000,
          "latest": 58000
      "id": "phone-call",
      "name": "phone call",
      "duration": 1800,
      "time_windows": [
          "earliest": 36000,
          "latest": 38000

This means that you simply leave out the address/location data and we assign a corresponding location to the activity. This location then always corresponds to the location of the previous activity. You can also interpret this as meaning that the activity without a location takes place somewhere in the section between the preceding and the following activity.

Here you can find a complete example.

Please note that it is a beta feature.

Happy routing!

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