Need walking distance

I am trying to find out the walking distance between two lat longs.
9.973473600000002, 76.2792939 & 9.9721075, 76.27833203124996
Actual distance between these two points is 180 meters.
I am using java library Graphhopper.
vehicle type used is ‘foot’.
This is giving me result distance as 14.4 km.
When I checked the polyline it is actually total trip containing bus and ferry travel.

How can I find out only direct walking distance?

The problem here is a not properly mapped ferry and the destination is somewhere on the ferry:

So if you have local knowledge you can connect the ferry to the mainland roads on and it will return the correct distance afterwards. Or if you don’t want to do this, try to improve the coordinates of the route.

(I changed route optimization category as this is just about routing)

Hi I tried changing the lat longs for ferry. But still I can see the difference between the results.
I tried two things with lat longs 9.973474,76.279294 and 9.972528,76.278387

  1. with
    result is 172 m

  2. With graphhopper library the same is 14941 m