Mvn: command not found

I am trying to import my pbf and i received this.

$ ./ import philippines-latest.osm.pbf
## using java 1.8.0_66 from
## using existing osm file philippines-latest.osm.pbf
./ line 82: mvn: command not found
No Maven found in the PATH. Now downloading+installing it to ./maven
./ line 90: wget: command not found
unzip:  cannot find or open, or
mv: cannot stat ‘apache-maven-3.2.5’: No such file or directory
rm: cannot remove ‘’: No such file or directory
## building parent
./ line 101: ./maven/bin/mvn: No such file or directory
## compilation of parent failed

What OS are you running the command? For windows look into the windows instructions using cygwin where installing git and wget is necessary (and wget seems to be not available on your system)

problem solved.
followed this tutorial to setup maven. thanks