Multiple tracks etc in one GPX

Is it in general allowed to put multiple tracks in one GPX file? E.g. if we want to support alternative paths can we support the type=gpx? Or is software not working with e.g. multiple <trk> elements? Someone has some experience with this?

Why not?

I have this made in my own Tool. I can not upload the demo gpx file.

E.G. I create a gpx file with 5 Tracks

  1. Track_Router Vias
  2. Track_Router Hauptroute (BRouter)
  3. Track_Router Alternative 1 (BRouter)
  4. Track_Router Alternative 2 (BRouter)
  5. Track_Router Alternative 3 (Graphhoppe )
    I can load this selective in GPSPrune, GPSMASTER …

Best regard

I have found this in JOSM too and added it to the TODOs: