Multiple Skills


we want to implement the following functionality with the optimization endpoint:

We have multiple cars, each of them have different capacities, but also different cap. qualities.
These are the qualities:

  • normal seats
  • wider seats
  • wheelchair spaces
  • space for standing persons

Each vehicle can have multiple quantities of each qualitiy.

  • Car 1:
    • 4 normal seats
    • 2 wheelchair spaces
  • Car 2
    • 20 normal seats
    • 10 standing spaces
    • 2 wheelchair spaces
  • and so on

Each shipment (passenger) can have a flag weather it is able to be transportet in with or multiple qualities

  • Passenger 1:
    • can use normal seats
    • can use standing spaces
  • Passenger 2:
    • can only use wheelchair spaces
  • and so on

I think to model something like that, we should use the “skills” feature. But how would we set it up?
By using multiple unique identifiers for each quality and quantity ("normal_seat_1, normal_seat_2 …)?

You could also use the different dimensions of the capacity / size feature:
[<normal seats goes here>, <wider seats>, <standing space>, <wheelchair space>].
Otherwise, with skills, you won’t be able to handle multiple occupations of these spaces.

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Okay, interesting.

the Vehicle type would then have the following capacity set
[<normal seats goes here>, <wider seats>, <standing space>, <wheelchair space>]
[4, 1, 0, 2]

And a passenger, which needs a wheelchair place the followoing:
[0, 0, 0, 1]

Is that right?

Yes, I think so. Of course this works only if the space is not mixed. Ie. if you loose standing space due to a wheelchair this cannot be modeled.

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