Multiple routes, one vehicle(finite fleet size), free ressources to make them available at the end of the route

I try to modelise the problem below

1° Vehicles start from the depot, with staff members on bord
and then do pickups and delivery (the locations of those are different from the depot location).
2° The number of staff members present in the depot at the begin of the day is limited.
3° The number of staff members that must be in the vehicule depends on the cargaison shiped.
4° So the vehicules need to be aible to go back to the depot to free the staff members and go for a new pickup and delivey with new staff member’s configuration.

I don’t see how to modelize that, due to the fact that the vehicle have only one route. And also that because the number of staff members available in the depot at time T, seems very tricky to modelize…

Help would be welcomed

Could this not be assessed at the end of routing?
How I imagine it, iterate through each tourActivity in the route, count the number of each delivery/pickup before a return to depot. This gives you the required number of staff for each trip out of depot.

This would give you X trips from depot and X number of staff based on trip volume depending on your requirements.

Or are you wanting to set the number of activities for each trip based on availability of staff?

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Hello Gregws

Thanks for your reply.
Yes that’s what I want to do (set the number of activities for each trip based on availability of staff)

When the vehicle come back to the depot it’s available again, and the staff members. And they can go for a new mission with a new (vehicle, set of staff members) configuration. Based on the products loaded in the next route.

I can’t figure out how to address that the best way.

Sorry, I don’t know enough yet on how to configure job insertions, regret and all that stuff.
Only really after the fact.

Could you setup different vehicles to account for the different scenarios?
Before running you set the people available for each window and modify the vehicle capacities.

Issue would be that there might be downtime between sending the vehicle back out.