Multiple deliveries at same location to be served in one go

Assume that you have 100 deliveries to be made in around 20 locations considering multiple deliveries at one location. When using jsprit, it is noticed that the deliveries at one location are not happening in one go. the vehicle is coming back to deliver remaining deliveries for that particular location.

for eg. location 1 has 10 orders, so it will start by delivering 5 orders now and then while coming back to the depot it will deliver the remaining 5 deliveries.

So is there a way to make sure that all the deliveries at one location are serviced in one go and not while coming back or even if the vehicle is going via that road?


Hi @koradeprashant,

If I understood your problem, a workaround would be to aggregate all deliveries at a certain location into a single delivery. This way, and assuming that you have vehicles with available capacity, you will have a single delivery at each location.

@koradeprashant @jbsimoes @stefan Does your order splitting is happening by default? How to achieve partial delivery if the order is more than the maximum capacity of the vehicle? Getting the good number of splitting might give the overall optimal solution. How it can be achieved using Jsprit.