Moving mailing list

In order to make it easier to find and consume discussions we have introduced this discourse-based board. We know it will be of pain at the beginning. But we find it has quite a number of advantages, e.g. we do not force users to use gmail and submailing lists are possible. Furthermore, as many use GraphHopper as well, it is quite comfortable to have them both in one place even they are of course still separate mailing lists. Additionally, you can mute discussions and subscribe individually to certain categories or topics - try it it is nice!

Note that we will not sign up anyone automatically here, thus you need to sign up again. Also we won’t be
able to import the old threads, therefore the old mailing will still live as read-only list for quite a while.

Let us know if something does not work or is ugly due to this movement! We plan to make the old mailing list read-only after 31th December 2015. Still make sure using discuss @ graphhopper as early as possible.

Make yourself familiar with the features like replying by email, signing up by google, github or just email, searching, creating content and more. Read the FAQ.

Before creating a new topic:

  • Please search https:/ and the docs before posting! Sounds like work? It is not much we ask for, just be fair to the other subscribed users.
  • Try to be descriptive but be to the point and make sure it has something to do with jsprit.
  • Avoid triggering discuss with topics like ‘help’ or ‘please’
  • Spam is not allowed

Beside the advantages mentioned above, this move is also one step to underline the collaboration between GraphHopper and jsprit.

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