Moving mailing list to

In order to make it easier to find and consume discussion we introduce this discourse-based board. We know it will be of pain at the beginning, but as the old mail man based mailing list was hard searchable, not really accessible from the web and no submailing lists like for map matching are possible, we decided to try with discourse. We’ll not sign up anyone automatically here, also we won’t be able to import the old threads. Here you can search the old archive.

One nice advantage is that we have all in one place here and can at the same time separate developers from users, map matching component from GraphHopper and mobile (iOS/Android) from the rest.

Also you can mute discussion, subscribe individually to certain categories or topics - try it it is nice!

Let use know if something does not work or is ugly due to this movement! We plan to make the old mailing list read-only after 31th October. Still make sure using discuss @ graphhopper as early as possible.

Make yourself familiar with the features like replying by email, signing up by google, github or just email, searching, creating content and more. Read the FAQ.

Before creating a new topic:

  • Please search https:/ and the docs before posting! Sounds like work? It is not much we ask for, just be fair to the hundreds of subscribed users. Of course you can pay us to answer any question without searching, contact us directly.
  • Try to descriptive but be to the point and make sure it has something to do with GraphHopper. Include version of JVM, GraphHopper, Operating System and a possible error message with full stacktrace (if
    big use
  • Avoid triggering discuss with topics like ‘help’ or ‘please’
  • Spam is not allowed
  • Links to apps or job postings involving GraphHopper are currently allowed.

After several times of violating this you can be banned. You might not be warned before (currently you will).

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Nice movement Peter.

It could be convenient to mention at main site or here,
the Nabble read only archive for searching in the old messages.


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Thanks, done: added here as well as to the old info site

Hmmh, a bit ugly is the subject. Which starts currently with
"[GraphHopper] [GraphHopper] …"
as all emails subjects are prefixed with [GraphHopper] and the topic [GraphHopper] is added. Maybe we switch to [GH] or remove the first [GraphHopper] completely?

Maybe I’m missing something but on GH community page the forum links goes directly
on the new forum.
How can we find now the page you mentioned above?

If the first [GraphHopper] is removed completely then e.g. the
Developers sub-forum mail will start with [Developers] without
indication of GH.

So I’d say make the first [GH] ?

Hmmh, what about renaming this topic [GraphHopper] here to [core]? Then we would get [GraphHopper] [core]

Or maybe even [GraphHopper-Core] would be better? For Developers one would then get [GraphHopper-Developers]

Even better, that way it’ll be similar to GitHub modules naming.

@karussell can we post a question (i.e. start a new topic) in a specific
category via mail?

Or do we have to do it via the web site, and the mail can be used for
the answers only?

I’ve enabled it. It looks like it is working: Post new topics to Core via Email

Currently only for Core …

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Yay for Discourse! Nice move.