Motorbike vs Car profile response time


We have GH running with two profiles for CAR and MOTORBIKE in UK using the default fastest profile and the same routes takes always longer to calculate in CAR. For me the intuition says that for MOTORBIKES should take more or less the same. CAR routes are taking 3x time longer that MOTORBIKES. Any idea what can cause that?

Maybe turn costs are enabled for car, but not for motor bikes?

No exactly the same config:

- name: motorbike
  vehicle: motorcycle
  turn_costs: false
  weighting: fastest

- name: car
  vehicle: car
  weighting: fastest
  turn_costs: false

Ok I can’t tell why this happens without more details. Is CH/LM enabled for both profiles?

The only difference between both is:


graph.flag_encoders: car|turn_costs=true|speed_bits=7|speed_factor=2


graph.flag_encoders: motorcycle|turn_costs=true

That can be the cause?

Which route are you looking at and is the difference the same everywhere or only for specific routes?

The difference is in the route calculation time. For all the routes CAR is 3x slower on average.

Can you share the GH version, the map file and your configuration? Otherwise it is impossible to guess what the problem is.

I’m running an experiment removing the speed_bits flag. The defaults ones for car is 5, then because 7 are set, maps are bigger for car and need more RAM to run it. I see a difference of 1.5 GB between both maps.

Ok, so you should check if the speed difference only occurs when you use the non-default speed bits setting.

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