More info about connection error in api response


We optimize routes with truck profile.
When we encounter delivery location, what is not reachable with truck, we would like to make a note about this client and decide what to do next according to this information. (For example change truck profile to “small_truck” to make routing work or in real life plan client delivery with Small_truck.)
Atm api response is very vague about this information. Your route editor shows some information with “hints”. Similar response would work although it would need some changes to extract info about problematic client id-s more easily.
Have you thought about this use case and is it thinkable to change api to help solve this problem?

Thank you for your help.

Do you mean you want to find out why certain locations cannot be found? This is not a simple task and just switching to small_truck also often does not help.

How could help in this scenario?

No not thinking about why, just want to know, that this happens. Afterwards human can go and check why connection fails and make fixes in map when it is neccesary. We have relativley stable retail clients base, what we serve and 99% times, when connection could fail is that some town decides, that their City center shouldn’t be reachable over 8t vehicles. Would like to log these “risky clients” and switching profile to “small_truck” gets us our optimal route anyway. Atm this happens very rarely and it depends, how active is someone in writing these limits to Openstreetmap.
In Estonia Openstreetmap is in good shape, because there is possible to use Official authority maps and ability to make mass changes to it.

Now I am also trying to get more weight limits defined in roads between towns, so that distances what Graphhopper calculates is same what our drivers would ride. That would allow to log driving distance more reliably and would not depend what info Subcontractor writes.

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