Modelling Multiple Trips in Jsprit


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I am new to jsprit and want to model a multi-trip vrp.

The challenge is that I have 100 order and my riders have a maximum capacity of 5 each. Each rider has a service time (operation time) of 8hours. The issue here is that for the given problem instance we end up using 20 riders. And most of the rider have their significant chunk of service time still left with them(close to 80 percent). Therefore for the given use case I wanted the rider to do multiple trips i,e. return back to depot and refill and then drop the orders thereby reducing the number of riders. May someone help me with that?


Backhouling is basic feature of Shipment.

@Harsh you need to build vrp with shipments.
Add shipments with shipment builder, set pickup location and delivery location in your shipment.
Jsprit will create the route with multi trips if rider had time.