Mobile version: get routing result as JSON instead of GHResponse

Looks like there is no way to serialize or deserialize GHResponse class and its fields. I don’t want to get GHResponse, instead I just want a json response when using GraphHopper for mobile. Is it not available?

Why not just use okhttp and grab the JSON directly? Or do you want the JSON from a response against an offline routing engine?

Hi Peter, thanks for quick response. I want to use the offline mobile sdk. The reason I am asking this is, because I already implemented a serializer for JSON (using retrofit for android), and i could simply pass in the response from offline version as JSON.

I could do it in 2 ways:

  1. Provide GHResponse as object model for retrofit call for my existing implementation, and switch to GHResponse as data model for my app.
    – at the moment this is not possible, because GHResponse is not annotated and is not serializable

  2. Get response from mobile sdk in JSON format and and use okhttp interceptor
    – also looks like not possible at the moment.

Are there any plans to implement a json response for offline mobile sdk?