Mixed profiles are now possible

To specify your vehicles, you can use an arbitrary number of vehicle types. However, until to today, it had only been possible to specify a single profile (e.g. car, bike, foot, truck etc.) for the entire set of vehicle types.
Now, you can specify two different profiles for your vehicles and types, e.g. car and bike. This allows you for example to model and solve delivery problems with bicycle messengers AND cars.


Can I get a tutorial or example for that? Is it free service or paid service?

It is described here: https://www.graphhopper.com/blog/2019/01/30/vehicle-routing-with-cargo-bikes-and-small-trucks/.
This is only available if you have a paid plan.

@stefan Thank you for the useful information. Is it possible to use mixed two profiles at the same time in one route by Routing API? For example, I have 4 way points. From 2 to 3 waypoint should be foot profile, not car because a man want to move at that section by walk only. Does Graphhopper suppport that?

I am afraid our Routing API does not yet calculate multi-modal routes.