Minimize idle time


Is there a way to manually set the ordering of a route, but minimize the idle time?


Time window: 6am-11am

Time window: 9am-3pm

Can I force the route to go:

store1 then store2 but minimize the idle?

Solution should be something like:

  store1: {
    arrive: "8:15am",
    depart: "8:45am",
    duration: 30
  store2: {
    arrive: "9:30am",
    depart: "9:40am",
    duration: 10

The reasoning is that we still manually order the route stops for routes that are well established. So we are able to take things like traffic, or construction into account.

The main requirement is that we reduce the idle time, so during the initial route creation process, we need the feedback.

Thank you for open sourcing this project.

Hi @brancusi,

There are two ways to force the ordering of a route:

  1. use a constraint. see the classic related jobs examples on stackoverflow;

  2. if you know the vehicle of the route, use initial routes.

Regarding minimizing the idle time, I don’t think there is an easy way to do it currently, as the variable departure time is not feasible yet, i.e., vehicles always depart at the earliest possible time.

What you can achieve currently is to minimize waiting time, but I guess that is not what you ask for.

Best regards,