Merging of Polylines

This is just a well done and thank you post. I am trying to generate bus maps from routing information, so after a process of geocoding and sanity checking I have thrown them all at an install I made of india. I needed to give it some more RAM, but everything has worked very well, and I have tried several other systems. I also hate java with a passion so you have to make it VERY easy for me. Well done everybody.
What I now need to do is fold them together, so if you have two routes A and B that are common to start with then diverge, i.e a Y, i get 3 polylines, the trunk labelled A,B and the two branches labelled A and B. I am going to need to render this stuff but I want an interactive route map at a lower level, so after I have done all this at node level I will Puekerize my sections.
It’s not that hard to do, but if there is some classical algorithm I should adapt to do this merging please suggest, but really just thanks, this is what I am doing.

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Thanks for this kind post and appreciate that we made it easy for you. Hope that Java does not bite you further :wink:

If I understood it correctly you can use the edge IDs to identify same parts of a route. To return this please have a look into the path details and use details=edge_id

Please keep in mind that edge IDs change if you ever update the graph (e.g. to import a new PBF)

i went away for a while. I should read this. thanks