Map matching via URL just like Route

Hey graphhoppers,
Im trying to draw a route and collect the snapped points with the url


But due to the fact that GPS data inaccurate and travelling on a road that has an opposite one nearby, snap-to-road was conducted on opposite road thus the route turned out like this

then I used map-matching and uploaded the same points in GPX file

    <trkpt lat="33.878357" lon="35.50994"/>
    <trkpt lat="33.878388" lon="35.510476"/>
    <trkpt lat="33.878428" lon="35.51097"/>
    <trkpt lat="33.878571" lon="35.511506"/>
    <trkpt lat="33.878611" lon="35.511892"/>
    <trkpt lat="33.878651" lon="35.512343"/>
    <trkpt lat="33.878687" lon="35.513051"/>
    <trkpt lat="33.878602" lon="35.513469"/>
    <trkpt lat="33.878607" lon="35.513807"/>

And got the correct route on the map

How is it possible to pass a url instead of uploading a gpx file to map-matching just the same way it was passed to the route and collect the way-points output in JSON just like it can be done in localhost/route/?

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