Map Matching Memory Usage

Hi - I’ve been having a play with the open source map matching. One thing I’ve noticed is that it holds onto memory after the web service is started, unlike the directions web service - the directions web service will use a lot of memory to load the graph but then a large part that memory is freed up within a few of minutes. Is there a reason why the Map Matching web service doesn’t release memory in the same way or is there a setting to enable this?

There is no difference with regards to the memory usage for the map matching compared to the routing endpoint. (In fact if start the map matching endpoint there will be automatically a routing endpoint too.)

Thanks. I hadn’t realised that starting the map matching would also make the routing endpoint available. That makes things easier. Is the routing endpoint any different when started this way rather starting it directly using the main web service java file, or does it work the same way and produce the same results?

Yes, there is no difference for the /route endpoint.

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