Map matching and no snapping


We intend to use the map mathcing API for getting the type and surface for our MountainBike GPX tracks.
However when a segment is not present on OSM the map matching algorithm seems to force a detour with known routes, hence introducing unwanted behavior for our usage as inexact statistics would be returned.

Would there be a way to avoid this behavior, ie force the map matching “to not match” when no segment is available in OSM ?

Do you have an example for such a segment?

Thanks for the quick reply. Here is a sample GPX file we use for our tests.
track.gpx (1.5 KB)

Here is a better view of our proble.

This is the MTB track we have in our Database :
utgtrack-8322(1).gpx (87.2 KB)

When we process it through map matching we get :
utgtrack-8322MM.gpx (48.7 KB)

Which reprensents a change of 18% of the itinerary becaus eht Mountain bikeer decided to follow nonexisting OSM transportation artefacts.
And ends up with 8 additonnal ‘unwanted’ kilometers after map matching.

Do you see an option to lower this type of behavior, knowing our main interest here is to collect data of surfaces and type of trasportation (roads versus tracks) ?

Hi all, I’m encountering the same problem as @utagawal has described here. Did you already implement something in the code that can do this or do you know of an easy way to implement this myself? Thanks in advance!