Many to one delivery


Does JSprit support many to one delivery?

Say one has 10 warehouses with bananas and they all need to be picked up and dropped off to one of two other warehouses. How can this be done?

If there is a service with 10 pickups (smaller loads) and 2 deliveries (with a larger load) can this work? I found that the trucks do pickups but never deliveries

Is it possible to do this without shipments, so that jsprit decides which of the two delivery depots to allocate the shipment to?

Hi @tmaner,

As explained in the following post, in jsprit, Pickup jobs are assumed to be loaded at the job location and dropped off at the end the route, while Delivery jobs are loaded at the very beginning of the route and unloading happens at the job location. So it might not work as you intend.

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