Make import simpler but avoid too much slow down

Currently the import is tuned for speed but is ugly to customize e.g. it is hard to store OSM way/node ids, see also this issue. Instead of the in-memory home-grown Map<long,int> solution used for osmNodeId->internalNodeId in OSMReader we should try these interesting apache licensed Java projects:

  • mapdb (kotlin, single dev)
  • ehcache (java, Terracotta)
  • infinispan (java, red hat)
  • Hazelcast (java, hazelcast company)
  • apache ignite (java, apache foundation)

Maybe someone knows a simple java/jvm lib which excels at this …

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For simple use cases such as storing key,value you could also consider Redis ( ).

We are looking more for a solution which does not need external installation or maintenance.