Low level API.md - Issue with CH result


I’ve encountered an issue in the low level API example.
PrepareContractionHierarchies.Result pchRes = pch.doWork(); - “.Result” errors - Cannot find symbol.

// Prepare the graph for fast querying ...
        PrepareContractionHierarchies pch = PrepareContractionHierarchies.fromGraphHopperStorage(graph, chConfig);
        PrepareContractionHierarchies.Result pchRes = pch.doWork();
        RoutingCHGraph chGraph = graph.createCHGraph(pchRes.getCHStorage(), pchRes.getCHConfig());

Using Graphhopper 4.0

You mean it does not compile?

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Sorry, having an absolute mare of a day.
Seemed to be IDE issue and also I wasn’t applying the low level API to my use case…
All sorted now, sorry for the false alarm :slight_smile: - processing 100,000 points in 15 seconds.

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