Lost results in GTFS


I’ve developed GTFS routing application using Open Source Routing Engine but I’ve got a problem. According to departure time I’ve got different best routes but I can’t get alternative routes in some cases. In example below best route is by bus and best route for departure time 1 minute later is by metro, but in both cases alternative routes have lost.

  • How to configure GraphHopperGtfs (may be Request) to get all the results in 1 response (including all alternatives)?
  • How to set priority of staying in current vehicle (passenger should not transfer)?
  • Is there option to set default transfer time for all routes?
  • Where to find PMap keys description (source code or docs) for configuring request (e.g. maximum result count, minimum / maximum transfer time).

Bus (departure time = 2022-03-25T09:59:00)
Metro (departure time = 2022-03-25T10:00:00)

Sincerely, Dmitry.

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